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Re: caught flatfooted with a 2wire gateway model 4011G

Eduardo M KALINOWSKI put forth on 6/30/2010 11:37 AM:

> It could be a wireless router/access point. Does it have an antenna? If
> not, then I don't know what it means.

The 2Wire dsl/router/AP units have no visible classic antenna.  The antenna is
wholly contained inside the plastic box.  2Wire has built them this way since
2005, probably much longer.

>> 2. 2wire says that this gateway has a builtin pppoe client. So to
>> configure it I only run pppoeconf and specify the userid and the
>> password and then run pppd?
> No. Since the device has a pppoe client, it can do authentication
> itself. You only plug your computer and it receives an IP via dhcp and
> connects to the internet. The computer is unaware how the connection is
> established, your device takes care of the details.

Correct.  He may have to plug into the wired ethernet port and hit the admin
page of the 2Wire and plug in the PPPoE uname and pwd.  After that his laptop
should pick up an IP from the wireless AP and that's it.


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