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Re: Could a Lenny upgrade break GnuCash 2.2.6-2?

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John A. Sullivan III wrote:
> On Thu, 2010-07-08 at 23:02 -0400, Ken Heard wrote:
> John A. Sullivan III wrote:

> With your amended instructions I got as far as here, but the following
> command confuses me.
>>>> cd gnucash-2.2.9
> As this directory does not exist it is impossible to change to it.

>> It has been a while since I've done this but, after you untar the
>> gnucash-2.2.9.tar.bz2, don't you have a gnucash-2.2.9 directory into
>> which we are now going to copy the debian folder from 2.2.6 so we can
>> build it into a Debian package?

Yes, it did create directory /download/gnucash/gnucash-2.2.9.  I should
have known enough to look before asking the question.

>>>> cp -r ../../gnucash-2.2.6/gnucash-2.2.6/debian ./
>>>> cd debian
>>>> The changelog is more than information; it is critical for debuild processing.  
>>>> Add something similar to the following at the top (the syntax is very fussy)
>>>> gnucash (2.2.9-0) stable; urgency=high
>>>>   * 2.2.6 segfaults with libglib from lenny-backports
>>>>  -- John Sullivan <myname@mycompany.com>  Sat, 27 Mar 2010 19:18:00 -0500


>>>> Edit the control file and edit the two Replaces lines so they read:
>>>> Replaces: gnucash-common (<< 2.2.6-3)
>>>> Replaces: gnucash (<< 2.2.6-3)

Done, but with 2.2.6-2, as it is the -2 versions which are in my box.

>>>> Edit the files file so it reads:
>>>> gnucash-common_2.2.9-0_all.deb gnome optional
>>>> gnucash_2.2.9-0_amd64.deb gnome optional

In directory /download/gnucash/guncash-2.2.9/debian there is no files
file.  Should I create it with only those two lines, before running the
final steps?

>>>> debuild will complain about the -0 but I do not want to give it -1 in case the real 2.2.9 package is -1 when it is released.
>>>> cd ..
>>>> debuild -us -uc
>>>> cd ..
>>>> The two .deb files should be in this directory and can be installed where needed
>>>> Any corrections to the process are welcome as I am by no means an
>>>> expert.  Hope this helps - John

Regards, Ken Heard
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