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Re: Some help regarding courier imap server

On 09/07/10 06:48, surreal wrote:
I need a guide and howto on setting up a courier imap server on the
system..a basic guide of how to add users, set up their mailboxes and get it
running with postfix smtp server will be good.

Please point me any tutorial having lenny as the server example(not etch)

If you're not able to find one with Google, then the rest of us probably won't, either. That kind of thing is usually well indexed. If you can't find one for lenny, that may be because the difference from etch is minimal and will be easily managed by someone who runs mail servers.

You're less likely to find one for postfix than for exim4, which is the default Debian mail server. As far as exim4 goes, the only configuration change I made was to switch to maildir storage rather than mbox. Installation of Courier POP3/IMAP then made the necessary links, and set up a certificate in case I wanted IMAPS.

With exim4, you don't add users, the users of the operating system are automatically included. It's quite a few years since I used postfix, so I don't know for certain that's the same, but I would guess so. Even Windows does it that way, though of course it requires additional licences for each user.


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