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Re: Understanding my recurrent network connectivity problems

On Sat, Jun 26, 2010 at 07:08:14PM +0200, Merciadri Luca wrote:
> lee wrote:
> > * unplug the router, plug your computer directly into the modem, set
> > up your computer for making the connection to your ISP
> >   
> Everything works great, if so.

That might indicate that the router is causing trouble. I've been
through three routers provided by the German Telekom, and all of them
were crap and didn't work reliably. I ended up getting a Fritzbox.

> > * plug the switch into a second network card in your computer, the
> > other computers connected to the switch
> >   
> Eh, I don't have a second NC.

Hm, get one :) Just make sure you get a good one, like from 3com or
Intel. Used ones should be available cheaply. The RTL cards suck and
are a waste of money.

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