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Re: Hundreds of sshd processes spawned by Postgresql

Marc Shapiro put forth on 6/23/2010 9:58 PM:
> I am running a Lenny box, with postgressq-8.4.
> I ran ps -e, just now, and there were over 350 sshd processes running under user postgres.  I killed the postgresql-8.4 process, but the sshd processes were still there, so I killed them.  I then started postgres again, followed by ssh.  I immediately ran ps -e and the where over 200 sshd processes, again.  Is this normal?  There should not be anything running, that I know of, that should be accessing any databases.
> I have again killed postgresql and sshd processes.  I am hoping for an answer before I restart ssh, but that will keep me from connecting via ssh from my laptop.
> Any help appreciated.

Did you happen to look at the foreign address endpoint of the ssh sessions?
That might begin to help solve the mystery.

netstat -atn|grep :22


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