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Re: Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Installing Squeeze)

On 21/06/10 14:10, Alan Chandler wrote:

b) Try and dynamically change the libblkid1.so.1 file once the installer
has booted.

Touch wood! After a couple of abortive attempts due to finger trouble and some strange loop the partitioner got into wanting to change partition tables but not format filesystems I seem to have created my filesystems and am in to the "Installing the Base System" phase now.

So it does seem to work

To be clear, I downloaded the sid .deb for this package and extracted the libblkid.so.1.1.0 file in it and copied into the root directory of the installation usb stick I had created earlier

I booted up the installer and got to the part where it wanted to partition the disks. I then used ALT f2 to get another console

The original media was mounted on /hd-media, so I just copied it across from there are put it in the /lib directory

I then removed the libblkid.so.1 file in that directory and symlinked that file instead to the new file I just copied in.

I then went back to the installation (using ALT f1) and selected <GO BACK> and then re-entered through the "Detect Disks" phase (I am not sure it is necessary, but I was playing it safe).


Alan Chandler

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