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qlso sprach Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. <bss@iguanasuicide.net> [2010.06.15.1840 +0200]:
> > 0 is not a RAID level. Don't do it. Use LVM for that.
> It is a RAID level, now.  It wasn't in the original paper since it
> lacks the *R* in RAID--Redundancy.

Details… but it is *still* not redundant, so I fail to see how it
has suddenly become a RAID level. ;)

> On the other hand, LVM striping is per-LV.  Doing something like
> that with mdadm is... complex.

Use mdadm for a RAID1 and LVM on top by default.

Use mdadm for a RAID5 or RAID6 and LVM on top for the remaining
cases when you need space and care less about performance.

Use LVM without RAID if you need space (and/or performance) and have
the data mirrored elsewhere. I fail to see the advantage of RAID0 in
this scenario, as LVM is more flexible.

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