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Re: connecting to wifi accesspoint..

在 2010-06-13日的 12:03 +0530,sudheendra.kalgar@gmail.com写道:
> e and i am not able to connect to wifi accesspoint. I have lenovo
> laptop with BCM 4312 wireless card. I have installed BCM driver and I
> can see wireless extnsions for eth1 on iwconfig command. 
> But while connecting to wifi, gives an error showing "Error for
> wireless request "Set Encode" (8B2A) :  SET failed on device eth1 ;
> Invalid argument"

I think it should be the argument "Encode" not supported by the driver.
But in "man iwconfig",there is no "Encode" option,what does it do? If
it's private parameter,you can try "iwpriv" command.

iwpriv - configure optionals (private) parameters of a wireless network

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