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On 6/14/2010 2:11 AM, Gerald C.Catling wrote:
> Hi Guy's,
> I am not a Debian user but I have seen references to LVM here.
> I have 3 drives LVM'd to give me 1.3TB of storage space on my server.
> The first drive of this set has died.
> I was wondering if any of you Guru's could suggest a method of getting any 
> remaing data from the LVM drives, that is drive 2 and 3, that are left.
> I have tried rebuilding the set, wg0, but the system want to reformat the 
> drive wg0, just created. Is this formatting going to format the real drives 
> and rather that just the LVM component?
> Your help will be much appreciated.

LVM is _not_ RAID. It does offer mirroring, if you initially set it up
that way, but other than that, LVM is a lot like the game Jenga: pull
the wrong disk from the setup, and the whole thing collapses. At this
point, all you can do is replace the drive, and restore from backup. You
do keep an up-to-date backup, don't you? If not, consider that lesson
learned #2. :)

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