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Re: problem with ati driver in kernel 2.4

Thank Mark Allums !

I use kernel 2.4 because of producer, a video capturing application
video capturing is hard to learn and config
As I'm happy with the old producer
I'm unwilling to spend more energy on learning/upgrading

My machine is HP vl420 running P4
with 128Mx3 memory

On 6/11/10, Mark Allums <mark@allums.com> wrote:
> On 6/11/2010 7:04 PM, Long Wind wrote:
>  Yes.  We don't need to know specific reasons.  However, just knowing, as an
> example, that you only have 32M of memory, would tell us that a suggestion
> to only run 2.6 kernels would not be helpful and to skip that line of
> thinking.
>  I personally have not run a 2.4 kernel since 2.6 was released, so I cannot
> help there (my memories are fading).  I did some Googling and found that you
> are not alone in having problems, but a random check of a few sites revealed
> that every person required a different solution, so I must fall back on
> general suggestions.
>  I don't suppose you are having a difficulty with your BIOS?  On older
> computers, the AGP aperture had to be set correctly.  Also: under Sarge, is
> the agpgart driver set up properly?
>  Sometimes a scrambled screen is a hardware problem, and sometimes it is a
> memory problem.
>  If all else fails, I used to have some success when compiling the kernel
> myself, rather than using a "stock" kernel.  This is a "blue sky"
> suggestion, it may not be helpful.
>  Did you mean Etch with 2.4 kernel is not working, but it works in Sarge,
> and Etch with 2.6 works?  Thus it is the combination that doesn't work?
> Then it is a function of of X under 2.4?  Have you looked in X-related
> forums and lists?  Have you looked in ATI-related lists and forums? Have you
> tried searching for similar issues under (*gasp*) other Linux distributions?
>  Have you looked in HP forums?
>  Good Luck!
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