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Re: ftp.us.debian.org really slow/nonresponsive

Mark wrote:
> I wonder the same, since the Debian installer even states the best mirror
> choice may not be the one physically closest to you.

It's not really accurate to say that cdn.debian.net chooses the mirror
with the closest geographical location to you. It does something much
more useful: It chooses a mirror that is known to be alive, and
up-to-date, and is in the set of mirrors that are push primary mirrors
-- the mirrors that are generally the best available in speed,
connectivity, and maintenance. The last critera, after all those, is
that the mirror be relatively near to you.

It's possible, in some parts of some countries, for a connection
to a mirror in the same country to need to travel under an ocean or
over some other slow link, while a connection to a mirror in a different
country travels over a fast link. AFAIK, cdn.debian.net does not have
such network topology information available. Still, I think that the
push-primary mirrors it selects generally work very well within their
respective countries.

New versions of the installer offer cdn.debian.net as an option. I'm
looking forward to seeing how that works out, and maybe making the CDN
the default later. Also looking forward to not needing to manually tweak
my mirrors when I'm traveling. And already enjoying faster mirrors than
I typically chose by hand, and especially, never being bothered when a
mirror is down.

see shy jo

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