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Re: dependency based boot + update-rc.d

Jordan Metzmeier wrote:
On 06/02/2010 12:28 PM, Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

Before dependency based boot I added my own boot scripts with update-rc.d, like:

update-rc.d faketty start 29 2 3 4 5 .

and the update-rc.d man page still refers to sequence numbers (NN=29):

"NN is the two-digit sequence number that determines where in the sequence init will run the scripts."

But with dependency based boot those sequence numbers went out the window.

What does one do now, run update-rc.d as before and then 'dpkg-reconfigure sysv-rc'?


I am not sure how dependency based booting changes things, but the manpage of update-rc.d recommends using another tool such as sysv-rc-conf.

" Please note that this program was designed for use in package main‐
tainer scripts and, accordingly, has only the very limited functional‐
ity required by such scripts. System administrators are not encouraged
to use update-rc.d to manage runlevels. They should edit the links
directly or use runlevel editors such as sysv-rc-conf and bum instead."

I would try one of the alternatives.

I will but I read that 'sysv-rc-conf provides a terminal GUI for managing "/etc/rc{runlevel}.d/" symlinks.' and I invoke update-rd.d from a script so I'd rather not have another GUI.


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