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Re: Squeeze and mobile broadband...

> thank you very much Irhorer,

        That's lrhorer, if you please, not irhorer.

> i appreciate you reply.
> can you please tell me whether is it possible for me to apt-get before
> an internet connection is established? or is it enough i have the cd1
> only?

        Yes, and probably not.  If all the files you need are on CDs (or DVDs)
you have in hand, then the files can be retrieved from them, butt he
odds any particular file are on CD #1 are pretty low.  Note CDs and
DVDs offer no means of updates, including critical security updates, so
an internet connection is definitely preferred, but they will do in a
pinch, in particular as a means to obtain an internet connection in the
first place.

> if not please, how can i download that in another machine which have
> internet connection already.

        You can download the tarball from the source, or you can download
the .deb file from the Debian repositories, or you can download the
entire .iso set from the Debian installation repositories and burn them
to disk.  Honestly, it's probably a lot easier just to go somewhere
where you can get a wired or WiFi internet connection for the target PC
and use apt-get to obtain the necessary files.

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