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Re: ls has stopped using the ISO date format

* 2010-05-29 20:25 (-0700), Brian Marshall wrote:

> Recently, I noticed that the date format in the output from "ls -l"
> has changed in squeeze. Before, it used the ISO standard (2010-05-29
> 20:00) but now it's started printing "May 29 20:00" or "May 29 2009"
> if it's not the current year.

> I suspect it's coreutils' fault, because while the version of the
> locales package is about the same in Ubuntu and Debian (2.11 and
> 2.10), coreutils is significantly newer in Debian (8.5 compared to
> 7.4).
> Can anyone else confirm this issue? Is it a bug or a feature? How can
> I get ls to print the ISO date format again?

Yes, the default has changed. You can change the default with TIME_STYLE
environment variable, like this:

    export TIME_STYLE=long-iso

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