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Re: Blockage on Internet maps - is a firewall intervening? Was: Re: PART DIAGNOSED: Re: Trying to install Google Earth on Lenny. How on earth??????


But Firehol is complaining when I boot up that some
config file or other that it uses is not yet configured.  I don't have time
to read the message properly as it flashes past, but it is marked as an error
during the booting process.

Can you maybe find that message in /var/log/syslog
or somewhere in /var/log/ or dmesg?

So it looks as tho' at least Firehol is trying to do something.  Could this
therefore be the problem?  As I say, my ignorance on the topic of firewalls
is distressingly abysmal.  :-(  I am at a loss to know where to start or what
to look at, or even what question to ask Google.  I could obviously purge all
of them and see if that solved the problem, but am afraid that purging them
would not totally remove every trace, and therefore might make things
worse. :-(  And I still need to learn about firewalls.

I would value, and be very grateful for, any advice on the best procedure to
follow - or what FM to read - _before_ I manage to kybosh my entire system,
rather than after.


I really don't anything about firewalls but if I correct understud what I was read on the net Firehol corresponding with iptables.

'iptables -L' will list all rules so maybe somebody from the list will notice something.

On this site http://pwet.fr/man/linux/administration_systeme/firehol is written: 'firehol stop' "Stops a running iptables firewall by running CW/etc/init.d/iptables stop. This will allow all traffic to pass unchecked."

So you can stop him and check is it problem in him or somewhere else.

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