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Re: installing deb files from unstable or testing

Andrei Popescu schrieb:
On Thu,27.May.10, 21:47:16, Ingo Kasten wrote:
Israel Garcia schrieb:
Some times ago (I could not find on google), I could create a deb file
for my lenny from unstable or testing debian (done remember now). I
remember I follow some steps from a blog or something and I
successfully created a new version of a deb file. Can you help me to
get this steps?

As far as I understand, you would like to backport an unstable
package for your stable system.
Unless you don't want to pin your apt-get to unstable (or testing)
do the following (so did I many times before when I used stable):
Go to the debian unstable package *source*  page and download
manually the appropriate source file, the *.dsc file and the diff.gz
file into
an empty folder.
In this folder you do  "dpkg-source -x *.dsc" and your build-folder

Wouldn't it be simpler to just add a deb-src line for unstable and

apt-get source package


Yes and no.
As I mentioned, you'll have to pin apt-get (source) to the right distribution , that means sometimes unstable and sometimes testing. Then you would do apt-get source [package]=unstable/testing for downloading. But it would work indeed :-) .


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