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Re: (OT) suggestion on terse wording of "IT Helpdesk"

Zhang Weiwu put forth on 5/24/2010 11:02 PM:
> Hello. In our company we use a email naming convention like this:
> Zhang Weiwu on Holz Project <zhangweiwu+proj.holtz@realss.com>
> Problem being when a special email address is needed for Office IT, it
> become too long for many web forms and email clients:
> Zhang Weiwu the support engineer of Office IT services of ICD SS <zhangweiwu+it_helpdesk.icd_ss@realss.com>
> So what would a *nix Guru make this shorter?
> I ask here because Debian people, or especially those who find unix
> style homy, likes terse names. Who else than unix folks that can make
> such short name like "ls" and "etc"?
> I thought of "zhangweiwu+ihd.icc_ss@realss.com", ihd for "IT help desk".
> I would take that if none better. Chances are the email address will be
> used for years, thus I think I should be so prudent that I ask on the list.

This is exactly why display names were invented...

address:       abs@example.com
display name:  Alphabet Soup


address:       zw@realss.com
display name:  Zhang Weiwu, Support Engineer

and something called a signature, which is where you should put all that other

Office IT services of ICD SS

To try to jam all of that information into the smtp address itself is silly.
Again, this is what display names and sigs are for.


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