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Re: Unable to connect to my home wireless

Andrei Popescu wrote:
> I agree with you, but in this particular case it is not a 'Depends' it
> is a 'Recommends', and testing/unstable users should know how to
> override those.


I do not mind installing some extra packages if they are recommended, and
I will leave the setting as it is; sometimes I discover useful software
with it and from time to time I go through the list of installed packages
in aptitude and purge unused ones. This has served me well for 9+ years
using Debian.

What I got really angry about is that network-manager (or some other
packet; I will investigate tonight and file a bug) reconfigured my network

a) without asking me,
b) without telling me and
c) without being told to do so.

I do not use wicd or any other configuration helper (I'm not sure if I
made it clear enough in my first mail that I'm not a friend of XXX-helper
and YYY-manager packets...) I have configured my wireless network in
/etc/network/interfaces, as described in

When I tried out to set up the wireless connection manually with
ifconfig+iwconfig+wpasupplicant, I found that wpasupplicant associated
continuously with the AP, only to be kicked off by again by someone else
(supposedly network-manager).

While my first mail may have been written in a very angry state of mind, I
still think that it is annoying at best to fiddle with people's network
settings on a desktop machine, but on any other machine it may be fatal.


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