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Re: Unable to connect to my home wireless

On Thu,20.May.10, 15:13:35, James Zuelow wrote:
> In Thomas' defense, I noticed the same thing and had much the same reaction.  
> The Squeeze KDE 4.4 update this week pulled down network-manager as a 
> dependency.  In my case I much prefer wicd to handle my wireless.  

$ aptitude search '?depends(network-manager-kde)'
p   plasma-widget-networkmanagement-dbg                                - debugging symbols for KDE Network Management                                  

Do you have this package installed?

> The update had them both running simultaneously, which I didn't like 
> at all.  I was plugged into my wired network, which wicd had set up as 
> default, and network-manger connected to one of the wireless networks 
> I had configured.  Both interfaces up, even two default routes.  Yuk.
> I didn't like the fact that the KDE update ignored my current install 
> of wicd to install network-manager, and when I purged network-manager 
> KDE worked (and continues to work) just fine.
wicd used to conflict with network-manager, but not anymore:

wicd ( unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/control:
    - remove Conflict on network-manager, since both can be used at
      the same time, provided they don't try to control the same
      interface (Closes: #548978)

There may be valid use cases for this.

> So the "dependency" on network-manager seems to be merely a preference 
> of the KDE team.  To me that means I should not have seen 
> network-manager if I already had wicd installed.  This is very similar 
> to the various packages that insist they need avahi-daemon to work, 
> and yet purging avahi-daemon doesn't break anything not using mDNS.
You could file a whishlist bug on these:

$ aptitude search '?recommends(network-manager-kde)'
p   education-standalone                                               - Debian Edu standalone workstation packages                                   
p   kde-standard                                                       - the KDE Plasma Desktop and standard set of applications                      
p   knm-runtime                                                        - KDE NetworkManagement infrastructure runtime files                           
p   network-manager                                                    - network management framework daemon                                          

so they

Recommend: network-manager-kde | wicd-gtk

Unfortunately there is no wicd-qt package and I doubt the KDE 
maintainers will want to 'Recommend' a GTK package, especially since it 
isn't that hard to override.

> So while Thomas could file a bug, I don't think it's not germane to 
> complain about DDs putting everything under the sun into a dependency 
> list.  Here's the place for the community to decide whether we really 
> need to force an install of network-manager (or avahi) when they're 
> not really needed, or decide that because some cases might require it 
> everyone should have it.

I agree with you, but in this particular case it is not a 'Depends' it 
is a 'Recommends', and testing/unstable users should know how to 
override those.

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