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Re: Kde 3.5 ...

On 16 May 2010 19:43, Steve <newsdebian@jetcity.org> wrote:
> On Thursday 06 May 2010, Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> The "KDE 4 sux" time has passed. If you still have problems with KDE
>> 4, then please let me know what they are so that they can be fixed.
>> Thanks!
> I agree with this statement and to this end I built a sid sandbox to give
> KDE4 a whirl.  I've just started but the changes to the whole desktop
> paradigm have me confused.  Are desktops vs. activities vs. dashboards
> explained anywhere.  I'd like to assume they are more than candy.  Are
> there documents that demonstrate their practical application?  Google
> hasn't been my BF on this one.

I would not recommend playing with Activities until KDE 4.5 or even
4.6. Until then Activities are a mess. However, for the general idea
of what they are, you might want to read this:

Good luck!

Dotan Cohen


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