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Re: How to Find a Printer Driver?

On Monday 10 May 2010 15:36:41 Kent West wrote:
> Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
> > On Monday 10 May 2010 14:16:21 Kent West wrote:
> >> Something I've never figured out with Debian is how to know which
> >> package to install to get a certain printer driver.
> >
> > I suggest just installing all the packages listed from (aptitude search
> > '- ppds$').
> >
> > This should catch more printers than most users need.
> I may resort to that, but it sure seems messy.

It's only a few packages.
> >> I know I've printed to this HP Color Laserjet CM3530 from a Debian box
> >> before, but I have no idea what package I had installed to do so, nor
> >> what driver I chose (since I can't find the CM3530 listed in my
> >> web-based CUPS setup (localhost:631)).
> >
> > For HP printers, I suggest using the hp-toolbox which can be found in the
> > hplip-gui package.  If the cups web interface is more comfortable for
> > you, the printer drivers provided by hplip (HP LInux Printing) project
> > are in the hpijs-ppds package.
> I tried installing hpijs-ppds, but I still don't see the CM3530 listed;
> I do now see a Color Laserjet 3550 (without the CM, and not the 3530),
> but who knows if that'd work? Not me.

Rarely are PPDs for a *specific* model.  They are usually for a model family.  
I have a HP PhotoSmart C8150 and it uses the PhotoSmart C8100 driver.  This 
isn't different in MS Windows or OS X.

You could always *try* a test page.  If it doesn't work would can always 
choose a different driver.

web/models/color_laserjet/hp_color_laserjet_cm3530_mfp.html indicates that you 
need hplip 2.8.10 or better and it should have it's own driver.  Lenny has 
2.8.6; backports, testing, and Sid have 3.10.2.

> The hplip-gui package is already installed, but running "hplip-gui" did
> nothing. "man hplip-gui" did nothing (I thought all Debian packages are
> supposed to have a man page, even if it does nothing more than point to
> some other documentation?). (Looking in /usr/share/doc/hplip-gui would
> have eventually maybe clued me to the hp-toolbox, but thankfully you've
> already pointed me to it so I didn't have to dig blindly.)

All binaries under /bin, /usr/bin, /sbin, and /usr/sbin should have a manpage, 
per the policy.  Often packages will be named after one of those binaries, but 
not always.  When they are not, the package name does not have to have a 
manpage associated with it.

> The hp-toolbox said no device is set up, and to run hp-setup (as root).
> It failed to automagically find my printer, but I chose to use the
> Manual button and enter the printer's IP address, and now it presents me
> with a list of six possible PPD drivers, none of which have names very
> close at all to my printer (cm4730, cm6030, cm4730, and Postscript
> variants of those).

Likely one of those will work but with reduced functionality.  One is probably 
the predecessor of this device.

HP did not release a driver for this specific device prior to the Lenny 
freeze; newer hardware sometimes requires support that is only available in 
testing or Sid.
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