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How to Find a Printer Driver?

Something I've never figured out with Debian is how to know which package to install to get a certain printer driver.

I know I've printed to this HP Color Laserjet CM3530 from a Debian box before, but I have no idea what package I had installed to do so, nor what driver I chose (since I can't find the CM3530 listed in my web-based CUPS setup (localhost:631)).

I'm unsure if I don't have the right package installed, or if I used a different driver in the past. Google and the Debian search engines are not helping me one whit.

I've never really understood the relationship between printer drivers for general use and printer drivers for gutenprint (whatever that is), or the relationship between those and/or cup-driver-gutenprint and/or cupsys-driver-gutenprint (and the descriptions are less than helpful), so any help would be appreciated.


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