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Re: Fwd: Re: Kde 3.5 ...

Op 09-05-10 17:02, Lisi schreef:
> On Sunday 09 May 2010 15:30:35 Sjoerd Hardeman wrote:
>>> Perhaps you should read Dotan's last two emails to me (especially the
>>> last one) before complaining about my complaint.
>> Well, that's kind of hard since they are sent to you. Unless you want me
>> to hack your mailbox ;)
>>> And my crime??  For which you too clearly feel that I should be subjected
>>> to the unpleasant bullying in emails direct to me?  I use KDE 3, but do
>>> not intend to use KDE 4.
>> As far as I have seen the mails of Dotan on this list (the one I'm
>> following), he is currently collecting issues with KDE4 and filing the
>> to the devs.
> I have already forwarded them to the list and would gladly send them on to you 
> if you were to ask me to do so.  But list policy is to stay on list unless 
> requested to do otherwise. ;-)
Then I have seen them. Yes, he's a bit persistent, that's for sure. But
really bullying? Anyway, it is not for me to judge if you feel bullied.
And as I hopefully made clear, the "manners" comment was surely not just
for you. It's just an attempt to keep the discussion on KDE instead of a
flame war or something similarly unpleasant.
> He is doing that, but in addition he is bullying people most unpleasantly if 
> they do not do his bidding.  I do not use KDE 4 and have no wish to do so. 
That's surely your right.
> The only thing I could have done differently (other than not send that very 
> short and mild complaint) is bow down to Dotan and agree that I have no right 
> to dislike KDE 4, because he does not find my reasons valid.  I tried to end 
> this by simply not replying, but even that did not rescue me - he sent 
> another email, to which I again did not reply.  What more could I do, other 
> than be very rude myself, to make him go away?
Well, some of your reasons weren't valid. There were several "this
doesn't work"-claims which just work, at least on my testing install.
Which does not mean that there are no reasons why kde4 is good for you.
The problem I had with some of the comments were that they were unfair.
That something doesn't do as it did somewhere else is not necessarily a
bad thing.
Anyway, let's close this discussion here. I surely agree that KDE4 has
is strengths and weaknesses, and based on your daily routine and
preferences this can be a problem. As with any other DE. I don't like
gnome, which doesn't mean that gnome is bad. It's just bad for me.


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