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Re: Password messed up

On Friday 07 May 2010 21:15:17 Don wrote:

> Thanks, and if anyone has more ideas on fixing my password/login
> problem, please help!

  Coming in late to this thread, but if your K desktop is OK,
then you actually have this problem quite well isolated to something
in the KDM log-in process. It's not X, and it's not your desktop

  By the time KDM has switched over to you, it's writing errors
into a file, ".xession-errors", in your home directory -- you can
check this for clues to what's going on.

  Another option is to blitz kdm's config files, and re-configure
or re-install the package.  I'm not familiar with how sid 
does this, but you can do "dpkg -L kdm", and look for files in
the /etc directory -- for the current Debian stable it's
/etc/kde3/kdm.  I suggest re-naming the analogous directory
(don't delete it, you might want it back), and then doing
"apt-get install --reinstall kdm", or whatever the analogous
operation is in aptitude or synaptic, if that's your preference,
which should re-build the configuration section.  That's likely
to fix it, at the cost of un-doing any customizations you've

  If blitzing and re-building the kdm config fails, then it's
probably some kind of interaction between kdm and something else...

				-- A.
Andrew Reid / reidac@bellatlantic.net

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