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Re: network setup question

On 5/6/2010 12:05 AM, Alex Samad wrote:

well think about it, if we are talking about network
(for my example I will use 24 instead of 27)

the server would have an address (for example) and the
router would have

if I change the netmask of the server it can no longer talk to the
router because it is in a different ip network ie can't
talk to (you can fake it on linux with iproute - see my
other answer to this thread).

Sorry if I'm being dense, I said I'm not a networking expert. But I have thought about this, and I am not seeing how it wouldn't work. is:
11000000 10101000 00001011 00000001 is:
11000000 10101000 00001011 00110111

So, the computer at will think it's subnet is the first 22 bits of the address, which is 11000000 10101000 000010, which matches the first 22 bits of the router address. So far so good. Client side will think the machine at is on the same IP subnet, so it will do an ARP request for (ARP doesn't care about subnet masks, it just does an Ethernet broadcast), which will succeed, and the server will be able to send to the router. The reverse direction is also true.

What am I missing?

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