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Re: network setup question

On 5/5/2010 6:06 PM, Miles Fidelman wrote:
Not sure if this is the right list, sort of a general linux networking question (pointers to a more appropriate list welcomed)....


- I have two servers in a datacenter, currently used for different things

- I have one gigE cable coming in from one of the datacenter's big routers - that goes into a simple gigE switch - each box is plugged into that switch

- I have two network /27 network blocks that are NOT contiguous - I use one for each box

I'm not a networking expert, but this part seems wrong to me. I don't think you're supposed to have different subnet addresses on the same broadcast domain. If they both had the same subnet address, they would then talk to each other over the switch and not touch the router.

You should be able to get what you want by adding a second IP address to each machine, preferably something in the 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x range that doesn't conflict with anything else on the network. Then when you access the other machine by the new IP address, since both machines would then have the same subnet address, it should just go over the switch and not the router.

Another option is to change the subnet mask so that the mask then allows both computers to appear to be on the same subnet. This will have the side effect of making other computers that happen to fall within that same subnet inaccessible, since the networking layer will think those computers are on the same subnet and not attempt to go through the router, even though they aren't, and going through the router is required.

I hope this makes sense.

-- Kevin

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