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Re: Display Problems with several Web Browsers

On Wed, 07 Apr 2010 10:06:38 +0200, Robin Krahl wrote:

> On 07.04.2010 10:01, Camaleón wrote:
>> Try by starting the browser with a new (empty) profile.
> I already tried; it didn’t work either.

Ouch! :-(

What I find strange is you are getting the same problem with the direct 
downloaded Mozilla version as this should use its own packages and 
rendering framework :-?
> I’m just trying to upgrade from lenny to squeeze as someone told me
> backports may (!) cause a problem. I hope it will work then ...

Well, I would not say "problems"... some "glitches" maybe, but nothing 
serious if you put some care on it.

Anyway, updating the whole OS to testing just for the browser is having a 
problem to display some CSS stuff is a bit... adventurous? :-)



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