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Re: Debian And Advanced Layer3 9924T

Andreas Weber put forth on 4/6/2010 4:12 PM:
> Stan Hoeppner wrote:
>> Please forgive me if my choice of words offended you.  That wasn't my
>> intention at all.  I was speaking figuratively, not literally.
> No problem, thanks for your feedback. Your point is clear and I can very
> well understand your disagreement with my recommendation.
>> My point was
>> that swapping out the production switch, which probably has others users
>> plugged in, ...
> I assumed differently here (new switch in the house, first tests), but
> the OP isn't precise about that IMO.
> I'll try to be as little ambiguous as possible the next time, sorry.

No sweat.  We're all on the same team.  I wish Alejandro would send an
update.  I'm kinda curious as to what was/is actually causing the problem.
>From the very sparse info he provided, the cause could really be nearly

Come to think of it, has he even replied to any of our posts?  It doesn't
look like he has.  Seems that communication with the Cubans on debian-users
is just plain spotty, whatever the reason.

If we don't hear back, I hope he got it working.


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