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Display Problems with several Web Browsers


I’m having strange display problems with several web browsers. Certain
layout parts (as borders or backgrounds) aren’t at the appropriate
place; and they’re moving if I hover them. I encountered this problem
with the following browsers:

 - iceweasel from lenny-backports
 - firefox downloaded directly from Mozilla
 - epiphany from lenny-backports

This behaviour already occured before installing firefox; and it’s not
caused by any plug-ins or add-ons as epiphany (which I didn’t customize)
behaves the same (wrong) way.

To illustrate the problem, I made a screenshot of e. g. German Bash
Blog: web page [1], screenshot [2]. On other pages, there are similar

It would be great if anyone could tell me how to fix this or where to
ask for further help.

Best regards,

[1] http://german-blog.org/
[2] http://rkrahl.de/gbo.png

Robin Krahl

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