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Re: Debian And Advanced Layer3 9924T

Andreas Weber put forth on 4/6/2010 2:08 AM:
> On 2010-04-04 01:42, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
>> Telling the OP to throw out a multi thousand dollar 24 port managed GigE
>> switch due to a minor issue with one PC or server is not very sage advice.
> I said "try changing", not "throw out" (reading and quoting is a basic
> skill). Having sold many _multi-thousand-Euro-switches_ let me tell you
> that they can be broken right from the start. DOA should ring a bell. A
> simple temporary change of the switch (often the replacement is provided
> by the vendor) would immediately show if this could be the problem.
> It's a bit of a general problem on lists like this one (very technical
> ones) that some very smart people dislike simple straight forward
> solutions to be checked first, although it happens all the time that
> smart people stumble over simple problems. Instead they like to tell
> other people they're not sage enough.
> So sorry for my "Is the cable ok?" approach as a first aid, I will keep
> my mouth shut now, knowing that there's a savvy elite around.

Please forgive me if my choice of words offended you.  That wasn't my
intention at all.  I was speaking figuratively, not literally.  My point was
that swapping out the production switch, which probably has others users
plugged in, shouldn't be the first troubleshooting step, especially if it's
a managed switch and can thus show per port configuration and traffic data.

This data usually shines a bight light on these types of issues.  Usually
the problem in cases like the OP is having relate to VLAN configuration.  On
manyy/most managed switches which have global VLANs already configured, but
not all ports configured, if you plug a PC into an unconfigured port the PC
sees a dead network.  The solution is to add that port to one or more
appropriate VLANs.


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