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Re: CUPS broadcasting print queue availability

On Fri,02.Apr.10, 21:10:27, Ron Johnson wrote:
> Hi,
> I did this once a *long* time ago, but don't remember how.  Also,
> I've read the (seemingly relevant sections of the sorely lacking)
> CUPS SAM, and Googled around to no avail.
Yeah, same here a month or so ago...

> My server has a print queue that looks like this:
> $ lpstat -v
> device for Dell_3100cn: socket://
> device for Dell_3100cn@haggis: socket://
> device for PDF: cups-pdf:/
> The server's /etc/cups/cupsd.conf looks like:
> Browsing On
> BrowseOrder allow,deny
> BrowseAllow
> BrowseAddress
> BrowseLocalProtocols CUPS dnssd
> DefaultAuthType Basic

If I recall correctly the final "touch" to get it working was to add:

Port 631

(unfortunately the only machine where I could check this is shut down 
for the easter and I didn't make any notes, *again*)

> <Location />
>   Allow from 192.168.1.*
>   Order allow,deny
> </Location>

Shouldn't those two be in reverse order?

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