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RE: ALSA problem?

On Sat, 3 Apr 2010 12:17:44 -0400 (EDT), Oscar Corte wrote:
> About the Debian release: I installed it from DVD Debian Lenny 5.0.3
> downloaded through jigdo. That version number I posted was obtained
> from file /proc/version which I though should have better information
> after many updates through Synaptics.

/proc/version shows the kernel release and the release of the GNU C
Compiler (gcc) which compiled it, as well as the Debian version numbers
of the kernel and compiler.  That's not what I want.  What's the output of

   cat /etc/debian_version

> About point [6], I checked again and there is only one column shown.

That can't be right.  What's the output of


> Right now I'm listening to a CD played by "cdcd" program
> (from command prompt) in this Debian PC as I write this mail
> and sound is great. However programs from GNU graphical environment
> doesn't seem to work at all (Totem, Sound juicer).  ¿Could this
> mean that sound divers are OK but something is wrong someshere
> else in the graphis environment?

I see English is not your first language either.  English does not
use inverted question marks at the beginning of a question, only
a standard (non-inverted) question mark at the end of the question.
But back to the subject at hand, I believe cdcd, like cdtool,
uses the analog playback method.  A "play" command is sent to the
CD drive across the I/O bus.  The drive obeys.  It plays itself.
It converts the digital data on the audio CD to an analog audio
signal and sends this analog audio signal to the sound card via
a three- or four-wire audio cable.  The sound card is simply
functioning as an amplifier.  As viewed by the I/O bus, system
memory, and host processor, nothing is going on.  But other sounds
are produced by sending digital data to the PCM device, which you
claim does not exist.  That's why I want the output of amixer.

> When I say that it used to work I mean that all media worked Ok.
> when Debian was installed. I don't exactly know when stopped
> working because I accepted several synaptic updates for a period
> of about 2 mpnth before trying musica again.

OK, so everything used to work under Debian, you applied some
updates, and now some stuff doesn't work.  Is that right?

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