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Re: not answering to ping, yet other computer can ping me.

Dotan Cohen wrote:
On 1 April 2010 20:40, Wayne <linuxtwo@gmail.com> wrote:
When the servers are back up install the 'debian-reference' package.

Read it. Â It has a section on networking - read it. Â You would not have
started this if you had done this.

Most if not all problems can be solved by reading through that manual.

Thank you! I will spend some time reading that this weekend.

It is a valuable source of information.  You won't be sorry.

As to one of your previous questions. Â Don't try to read the logs.
Google for 'Linux Books". Â Read through the Table of Contents of the offered
books and select those that you think would be helpful.

There really is nothing on log files! I really think that I might be
the fool who compiles all the messages online with a quick
explanation, as was suggested. It would be a great learning

That's why I said don't try reading them. Look at them long enough and you *might* be able to spot something but trying to understand them is a long process.

Another place to check is the archives of this list. Â Look there for
post relating to you current problem.

Of course! I usually either grep the archive that I've acquired in
Gmail or search these:

That means you have to sort through all the non DU mail as well. Go to the mailing page at debian and you *only* have the DU mail to look at.
Much faster IMHO.

Thanks for the patience and the tips.

You are Welcome.

Good Luck in your studies.


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