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Re: not answering to ping, yet other computer can ping me.

Dotan Cohen wrote:
Adding lo to /etc/network/interfaces fixed the problem.
I'd wonder why there wasn't a lo in the first place...

I broke it trying to force the computer to take a specific IP address.
One of those issues that I decided to learn by doing, rather than
bugging the list about. Only when I got seriously stuck did I waste
the list bandwidth, and even then only with a very specific question.

Sorry forgot to add this in my last reply.

When the servers are back up install the 'debian-reference' package.

Read it. It has a section on networking - read it. You would not have started this if you had done this.

Most if not all problems can be solved by reading through that manual.

As to one of your previous questions.  Don't try to read the logs.
Google for 'Linux Books". Read through the Table of Contents of the offered books and select those that you think would be helpful.

Another place to check is the archives of this list.  Look there for
post relating to you current problem.


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