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Re: not answering to ping, yet other computer can ping me.

>> Adding lo to /etc/network/interfaces fixed the problem. You are a genius!
> Well now we know at what level we have to start at when Dotan has a problem.

I never claimed not to be slow! Actually, I don't know if that was
meant to offend, but I am not offended. I learn a lot from this list.
Google me, you will see that I've been subscribed a long time but
barely ever post. Only this week, have I been slightly active. And yes
I STFA, STFW, and RTFM as much as I can. That's why I only asked two
or three questions the past few days, opposed to the tens of issues
that I have encountered in that time.

> Google didn't help with that problem???

No, but I didn't know which keywords to google. I'm wiser now.

Dotan Cohen


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