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Re: not answering to ping, yet other computer can ping me.

Dotan Cohen wrote:
Adding lo to /etc/network/interfaces fixed the problem. You are a genius!
Well now we know at what level we have to start at when Dotan has a problem.

I never claimed not to be slow! Actually, I don't know if that was
meant to offend, but I am not offended.

It was not meant to offend. It was a statement of fact. Your question showed that you are not used to setting up networks. As you do not use Debian, which requires some network setup in the raw. You use Ubuntu which does this for you, or is supposed to. Therefore when you ask networking questions we now know you have little knowledge of the basics
so that will require us to start asking very basic questions.

I would you suggest that the Ubuntu ML/Forum would be better suited to
your queries anyway being that you re using it and they are, probably, use to questions from users of your level.

Google didn't help with that problem???

No, but I didn't know which keywords to google. I'm wiser now.

Ok Grasshopper.  Here is a subject you could have used for google

can't ping "linux" returns
 Results 1 - 10 of about 604,000 for can't ping "linux".

Look familiar to you?


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