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Re: Multiple, non-concurrent repositories?

2010/3/30 Brian Ryans <brian.l.ryans@gmail.com>
You replied to me personally, instead of the list. This fixes that.

Quoting Rogerio Luz Coelho on 2010-03-27 20:39:07:
>  You can use pinnig ... you are looking for the "origin" keys in
>  Pinning to accomplish this.
>  Put all the sources in the sources.list file and creae a
>  /etc/apt/preferences list that looks something like:
> Package: *
> Pin: origin HomeRepo.com
> Pin-Priority: 850
> Package: *
> Pin: origin DebRepo.com
> Pin-Priority: 750
> Rogerio

Everything's working so far with only the main repo pinned at 750. Would
I have to pin all the Debian entries (backports, security, volatile) at
750 as well, or are they not relevant? I have no backports, security,
volatile in my home repository, obviously.

No only the repos you use should be pinned. But remember that IF you you backports, security etc... from the internet at any time then you have to adequate this in your Pin, or they will be pinned with auto values and that may conflict with local repos it it is not put into account ... as to your case I would use the lowest pinning possible for local repos , read man apt_preferences for the gory details :)

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