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Re: handling removable media without gnome-volume-manager

On Wed, 31 Mar 2010 23:03:06 -0600
Dave Thayer <debian1009022.dmthayer@recursor.net> wrote:

> On Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 10:23:18PM -0700, briand@aracnet.com wrote:
> > 
> > the rule file is a udev rule file, right ?
> Correct.
> > Doesn't this mean that in the case of a specific device, you can
> > simply match the device exactly and then mount it to a static mount
> > point ?
> Yes, this is the most straightforward approach, for each USB MSD you
> can write a udev rule and a correspoding fstab entry (or automount
> mapping). A good resource for this is Daniel Drake's writeup at 
> <http://www.reactivated.net/writing_udev_rules.html>. 

very useful link !

> Gnome and KDE seem to do a pretty good job of handling this, as long
> as you are willing to play within the bounds of the DE world. I'm kind
> of a retro-grouch, so these things don't do me a whole lot of good.

Me too, so you're allowed to stay on my lawn !



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