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Re: IOMMU option in bios

On Fri, 19 Mar 2010 23:48:07 +0100, Clive McBarton wrote:

> Camaleón wrote:
>> Didn' you try some of the tips? They only require passing some options
>> to the kernel at boot time and there is nothing harmful in doing that
>> :-?
> Most of them are harmless. Some even make the error message go away. At
> least one of the suggestions (passing the option iommu=false) ist
> harmful though (disables USB).

O.K., but disabling USB is not going to make any permament damage to your 
system. Next boot your computer will be USB-aware again, so nothing you 
should worry about.
>> I passed the link not because it provided a "magic solution" but for
>> you get an idea of the origin of that message and how to bypass it ;-)
> Yes, I agree.
>> I am not getting that message in dmesg (running lenny amd64, 8 GiB.)
>> *but* my BIOS has "memory reclaiming" enabled.
> Interesting. Intel CPU? Because in the forum whose link you posted, all
> the CPUs in people's signatures were (as far as I see) made by AMD.

Yep, Intel micro/chipset.

Maybe this message is AMD-centric? In fact, all messages in forum's 
thread, as you noticed, are pointing to AMD micros. Someone here using 
"AMD processor/64 bits Debian/8 GiB ram" could check for this message and 
make any comment :-)



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