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Re: question about fstab in squeeze and uuid

>> You could make a note of the UUID before the re-install then re-apply
>> it to the partition with
>> tune2fs -U <uuid> /dev/sdaX

> However you *must* take a note. This is not something you can remember.
> As opposed to a partitioning scheme, that you can remember.

True but it should be common practice to keep easily accessible copies
of all disk "metadata" (fdisk -l, tune2fs -l, vgs, lvs, pvs, mdadm
--detail, ...) for every box.

> UUIDs are also a fine method for making your life interesting when you
> want to recover a system backed up on a different hardware.

> For instance, I had a digikam images database on a system whose
> motherboard had some issues. No problems. I copied the whole thing to a
> new home directory (of the same user, same UID, same path) on a
> different system. However digikam fails to use the database. It insists
> I have the incorrect UUID. Natually it does not allow me to fix things.

> This is intended to protect against using the wrong DoK (but will
> "protect" you from copying the database to a different DoK). And
> couldn't have been disabled from the user interface at the time.

> It took me a few hours of digging in the code and file format to figure
> out how to fake a non-UUID database.

This is not relevant. The digikam software misusing UUIDs and not
accounting for your use case has nothing to do with using UUIDs to
mount disks through fstab.

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