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Re: Why does installing gnome packages versioned 2.28+6 insist on installing gnash?

Liam O'Toole skrev:
On 2010-03-17, Johan Grönqvist <johan.gronqvist@gmail.com> wrote:
I'm surprised to hear that gnome-core requires gnash. It's certainly not
the case on Lenny:

I it was introduced into squeeze yesterday (source package meta-gnome2 2.28+6 transitioned to squeeze on 2010-03-16). The reason seems to be that swfdec was removed. The changelog[0] for meta-gnome2 says (among other things):

   * Drop swfdec-gnome.
   * Make gnome depend on mozilla-plugin-gnash so that there’s at least
     something for Flash websites.

The changelog appears to refer to the gnome metapackage rather than

The changelog refers to meta-gnome2, which is a source package from which the three binary packages gnome, gnome-core and gnome-desktop-environment (and some more packages) are built.

Thus, the changelog holds for the source package, and I do not know how to see what change holds for which binary package. I do not even know if binary packages can have changelogs separate form their source packages.

The changelog quote was intended to answer the question why things are different in squeeze than in lenny.

Looking at the binary packages, I agree that the packages gnome-core and gnome-desktop environment do not depend on gnash, whereas gnome does (via the mozilla plugin).

/ johan

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