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Re: Heads up for NVIDIA users

On 3/5/2010 3:11 PM, Mark Allums wrote:
On 3/5/2010 2:20 PM, Sven Joachim wrote:
On 2010-03-05 20:49 +0100, Jason Filippou wrote:

I don't see this mentioned anywhere in the latest posts so I thought
I'd post it: The latest proprietary linux driver on the NVIDIA website
(195.36.08, URL:
http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_195.36.08.html), which
I understand covers many more GPUs than my GT220 causes X to not be
able to detect any screens when installed on my Squeeze box. I was
fortunate enough to have the 190.53 driver on my hard disk and I
reinstalled that, or else I'd have to either wget a
hard-to-flawlessly-copy URL or force myself to learn how to use mount
(which wouldn't be a bad thing, in retrospect). Anyways, I'd recommend
waiting for the next driver and I'm probably reporting this on their

For the record, this driver also has fan control problems, and Nvidia
has withdrawn it: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/announcement.php?a=39.


The two drivers aren't the same. The fan issue on Windows is a different
version than the one OP is having trouble with.

However, beware: the Windows driver is de-certified and withdrawn.
NVIDIA recommends downgrading.

It turns out that NVIDIA have since also withdrawn the recent Linux drivers as well, and recommend downgrading.

The current NVIDIA Linux blob seems to be 190.53. (Previously, they had released 195.36.08, as Jason mentioned.)

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