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Heads up for NVIDIA users


I don't see this mentioned anywhere in the latest posts so I thought
I'd post it: The latest proprietary linux driver on the NVIDIA website
(195.36.08, URL:
http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_195.36.08.html), which
I understand covers many more GPUs than my GT220 causes X to not be
able to detect any screens when installed on my Squeeze box. I was
fortunate enough to have the 190.53 driver on my hard disk and I
reinstalled that, or else I'd have to either wget a
hard-to-flawlessly-copy URL or force myself to learn how to use mount
(which wouldn't be a bad thing, in retrospect). Anyways, I'd recommend
waiting for the next driver and I'm probably reporting this on their


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