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Re: Bash "read" command: want to preload some data

* Bob Cox (2010-03-06):
> ---------------------
> Example: ask for a path with a default value.
> Note: The -i option was introduced with Bash 4.
> read -e -p "Enter the path to the file: " -i "/usr/local/etc/" FILEPATH
> The user will be prompted, he can just accept the default, or edit it.
> ---------------------
> This is exactly what I want.  However, for the sake of compatibility, I
> would like to do the same thing using older versions of bash, even if it
> means messier coding.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this
> please?

  read -e -p "Enter the filepath (Use . for the current directory, just hit ENTER to accept the default ${PRELOADED}, or type something else): " FILEPATH
  echo "Will use value: ${FILEPATH}"


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