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Re: Minimum size for /home?

The laptop in use here has a 40 GB hard drive. Part of that is taken up by a hidden recovery partition. If I had 320 GB of hard drive space, I'd be less concerned with allocation.

The use of this laptop includes OpenOffice (word processing, spreadsheet and a little database), Scribus (DTP), Gimp, Internet mail and browsing, etc. To put this in perspective, I'll plug in some sizes in the proposed layout that's evolved in response to this discussion:

hda1 ---------- 6 GB -------WinXP
hda2 ---------------------- extended
   hda3 ------- 8 GB ------ / for first distro
   hda4 ------- 1 GB ------ /home for first distro
   hda5 ------- 8 GB ------ / for second distro
   hda6 --------1 GB ------ /home for second distro
   hda7 ------ 10 GB ------ shared data partition
   hda8 ------- 1 GB ------ swap

Windows (which gets used a couple of times per year) is taking up too much space here. I should probably eliminate the recovery partition and put the space to a better use.

Thanks to all who offered advice. I appreciate your input.

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