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Re: bigmem kernel

Olaf Reitmaier Veracierta <olafrv@gmail.com> writes:

 >    On 04/03/10 12:16, Marc Auslander wrote:
 >      having installed the bigmem kernel package, should I then remove the
 >      regular kernel package?
 >    No.
 >      my concern is that if I don't, the next update to it will replace
 >      vmlinuz with the regular kernel.
 >    False, the active kernel is update instead of second options.
 >      or are the installers smart enough to avoid that?
 >    No as smart as you think, but they update the runing kernel version
 >    (first on GRUB).
 > --

 I am confused by this and the other explainations.

 To be clear - I am only concerned about the vmlinuz symlink.  I know
 package management works.

 When I installed bigmen, it swung vmlinuz to the newly installed
 kernel, just as every other kernel install/update I've done has.

 So what happens if the normal kernel package is updated.  I fear the
 update would swing vmlinuz to the latest version of the normal
 kernel.  If this is not going to happen, what rule would prevent it?

Marc Auslander

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