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Re: Disabling Swap Activation Message

On Thursday 04 March 2010 22:12:59 Tech Geek wrote:
> I installed Debian Lenny on my PC (/dev/hda1) without any swap partition. I
> recompiled my kernel to boot without using an initrd.
> Now when I boot to my base system, I still see following messages from the
> init scripts on my console:
> Activating swap...Done
> ....................
> .....................
> Activating swapfile sawp...Done
> After doing a find it seems that these messages are spitted out by scripts
> mountall.sh and checkroot.sh files in /etc/init.d/ directory.
> My question is what is the best way to disable these messages and the
> associated function with those messages?
> Should I just comment out the relevant swap portition in those two init
> files?

  Seems cleaner to me to either boot with a "noswap" kernel option,
or edit /lib/init/vars.sh to always set NOSWAP to "yes".  Both
mountall and checkroot seem to check that variable.

  Of course, I haven't actually tried it, so it might not even work.

  If it does, my personal preference would be to change the default 
boot options in the bootloader config -- I use grub, and it's already
customized to have the right "root=" line, so adding "noswap" to the
"kopt" line would be natural, and would be preserved automatically
across kernel updates.

				-- A.
Andrew Reid / reidac@bellatlantic.net

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