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Re: Disabling Swap Activation Message

On 04/03/10 22:42, Tech Geek wrote:
I installed Debian Lenny on my PC (/dev/hda1) without any swap partition. I recompiled my kernel to boot without using an initrd.
Wow, hard work.
Now when I boot to my base system, I still see following messages from the init scripts on my console:
Activating swap...Done
Activating swapfile sawp...Done
Ignore it.
After doing a find it seems that these messages are spitted out by scripts mountall.sh and checkroot.sh files in /etc/init.d/ directory.
Yes, and unmountall.sh
My question is what is the best way to disable these messages and the associated function with those messages?
If the free command show zeros (0) on swap line ignore this VERBOSE messages.
Should I just comment out the relevant swap portition in those two init files?
Instead view this file /lib/init/vars.sh, you will understand that:

1) You can disable verbose output with "quiet" option in the kernel boot line. 2) You can disable swap (although it exists) with "noswap" option in the kernel boot line.

You can test this options editing boot line in GRUB menu on boot, type "e" change the line and CTRL+X to boot.

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