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Re: unexpected problem with icedove : hundred of storaged mails no longer have a body !

Edward Shornock wrote:
03.03.2010 00:21, Bernard kirjoitti:
Hi to Everyone !

What a surprise ! I have been using Thunderbird and Icedove for so long,
that it had never crossed my mind that I could suddenly lose mail.

A few things to possibly try:

-create a new profile (icedove -P) and with Icedove/Thunderbird close, copy the mail file (probably ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/$profile/Mail/Local Folders/Inbox) to this new profile. -Try opening the inbox with mutt, for example "mutt -f ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/$profile/Mail/Local Folders/Inbox"

I had a similar problem. In my case, the profile was corrupted but the mail itself was intact. Just one folder inhibited the strange behaviour, and it was just a select few messages.

I wasn't able to determine what file in the profile directory was causing the problems though...

Thanks for this input. In the new profile that I have created, in which I copied the older profile Inbox mail file, only the mails that are more recent than Feb 13 display a subject line, that is, those mails that had not lost their bodies in the older profile.

Now, let's get back to the old profile. I have discovered huge mixups, very puzzling things indeed. The inbox file that displays with

vi ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/$profile/Mail/Local Folders/Inbox

(same as that displayed using

mutt -f ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/$profile/Mail/Local Folders/Inbox), easier to read with mutt

IS NOT THE SAME as what I get in Icedove when displaying the Inbox folder !

with other folders, even those that are subfolders of Inbox, I get the same messages whether I display them in Icedove or with 'vi' or 'mutt', but there is an exception in the Inbox main folder. Maybe not just one exception, since the "junk" folder also seems to be out of the tracks.

Let us speak first of the "junk" folder. That folder, when being displayed with Icedove, only shows two junk mails that I have received today. I move that junk box to "Trash" everyday, after having checked that is was all junk, so there should barely remain anything in it for more than a day or so. As for the "Trash" box, I ditch its content each time it gets bigger than 1000 messages or so. However, my ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/$profile/Mail/'Local Folder'/Junk file is as follows :

-rw-------  1 bd bd 1193936487 mar  4 16:04 Junk

that is about 1.2 gb ! If I open it with vi or mutt, I find 112,500 messages (only 2 messages if opened in Icedove). It seems that all those messages have bodies (I checked here and there along the list, including old ones from 2007). Even though I could chedk no more than about 5% if those, it seems to be only junk mail

As for the 'Inbox' folder, as displayed in Icedove, it shows 2640 message subject lines including only 60 newer messages with bodies, and 2580 older than feb 13th without bodies, none of them being junk mail. But the

~/.mozilla-thunderbird/$profile/Mail/'Local Folder'/Inbox file opened with vi or mutt, shows

1729 message subject lines, none older than february 13th 2010, all with bodies. These seem to include the 60 messages with bodies that display in Icedove, the rest being junk mail that should normally be in the "Junk" folder ! Some of these messages may come from the "Trash" folder, not the "Junk" one, as I reckognized those which I ditched without going through Junk. Ah yes, a more careful check also shows message from other folders that are subfolders of "Inbox" !

What a mess... !!

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