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unexpected problem with icedove : hundred of storaged mails no longer have a body !

Hi to Everyone !

What a surprise ! I have been using Thunderbird and Icedove for so long, that it had never crossed my mind that I could suddenly lose mail. I have version (20090706) running on Lenny. More details below :

My "Inbox" folder in "Local Folders" holds 2702 mails dated from january 2007 to now. Up to very recently - no more than a few days ago - I could double-click to any line subject to display the message content. Alternatively, I could right click once and choose "open message in new window". This would work no matter how old the message was.

Today, I have found that I can no longer display any message content that is dated further back than february 12th, that is, two weeks ago or so. The subject lines are still there, but any attempt to display the content only show an empty window. This does not only apply to a few messages, but to all of them in this folder, except the very recent ones. In short, out of my 2702 storaged messages, I can only read the 60 more recent ones, more than 2640 are lost or their bodies have disappeared into thin air

Strange enough, the other folders that I have on my "icedove" do not seem to be affected with that problem. I have a number of such folders, with subfolders : about 40 of them... this is nothing new, as I have operated my Thunderbird/Icedove versions like this for several years, without any trouble so far. Amongst those "other" folders, one of them, which is a subfolder of "Inbox", holds 3122 storaged mails, with all bodies still available, the older one dating back to 2007 too.

I have tried closing Icedove and starting it again, I even tried rebooting my computer, to no avail.

Thanks in advance for your clues and advices.

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